[briansanhaji] You must know the cute A-share market in 2023

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The first case of cross-border M&A appeared in the A-share market on January...

The first case of cross-border M&A appeared in the A-share market on January 9 at the beginning of the new year. 100% Australia's Essential Metals Limited. Obtains 100% ownership of the Pioneer Dome lithium mining project.

[briansanhaji] You must know the cute A-share market in 2023

In this regard, Tian Lihui, Vice President of Guangxi University and Director of the Institute of Financial Development at Nankai University, told a reporter from "Securities Daily" that, given the economic recovery of our country and the growth demand of some companies, the number of cross-border mergers and acquisitions of A-share listed companies will increase in 2023. expected.

Industry upgrading and consolidation of listed companies accelerated.

From the perspective of trading purposes, Tianqi Lithium plans to expand its industrial chain and actively stock up on lithium resources. The announcement demonstrates that the acquisition will expand the company's lithium resource reserves. Meet the requirements of company development strategies and international business plans. Continuously improve the company's core competitiveness.

The motivation for A-share listed companies to initiate cross-border mergers and acquisitions over the past few years is mainly reflected in the following points: One is to improve product models and reduce research and development costs of technology and information. The other is to enter international markets and develop international business. The third is to enhance overseas brand awareness and rich M&A experience.

In this regard, Tian Lihui said that A-share listed companies attach great importance to export-oriented development and can use tools such as mergers and acquisitions to carry out international jump-start growth. This means that listed companies can leverage industry consolidation or resources in other countries. Accelerate the renewal of capital advantage reserve resources and R&D technical capabilities, and accelerate the industrial upgrading and consolidation of listed companies.

Liu Shengyu, managing partner of Gaohe Investment, the initiator of logic-driven cross-border mergers and acquisitions, said: "The logic based on industrial integration is the first condition for successful cross-border mergers and acquisitions. Industrial development is enterprise mergers and acquisitions rooted in the industrial chain." -span", cross-border, cross-border, more friendly upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. The value of the transaction object is quite reasonable, which will help avoid high premiums and greatly increase the success rate of mergers and acquisitions.

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