[briansanhaji] You must watch, the thrilling scenes of energy medical treatment

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On January 10th, State Grid and SPIC held a ceremony to transfer management righ...

On January 10th, State Grid and SPIC held a ceremony to transfer management rights for biomass power generation projects, successfully completing the professional integration of biomass power generation projects of the two central enterprises. On the same day, the signing ceremony of PowerChina Medical Resources and General Technology Group's professional integration project was held in Beijing.

[briansanhaji] You must watch, the thrilling scenes of energy medical treatment

The "Seoul Daily" reporter noted that in the past two weeks, the professional integration of central enterprises in the fields of medical resources, new energy, coal and food has successively achieved effective results, and a number of professional integration projects have been successfully carried out. avatar. They signed in turn. In many speeches by State Property Management Commission member Wen Zemin, central enterprises paid attention to key tasks and key enterprises, "accelerating the construction of world-class enterprises". high-frequency keywords.

Unification of the energy field pressing the accelerator pedal

Judging from the recent cases of professional integration of central enterprises, it seems that central enterprises should pay serious attention to their main business and main business, which can be said to be an "unavoidable choice to accelerate the construction of world-class enterprises." ". Among them, the energy sector is the most representative.

National Network Chairman Xin Baoan said, considering the case of professional integration of biomass power generation projects, promoting the reorganization of National Energy Biotechnology into SPIC, SPIC can not only benefit from professional management, but also further expand its scale. In addition to the material industry, the State Council should pay more attention to the main responsibility and main business of the power grid, and contribute to the high-quality development of "one". body and four wings".

Party Group Secretary and SPIC Chairman Qian Zhimin stated that the two sides hope to take biomass project integration as a link, deepen exchanges and cooperation in key base development, and build an "integrated intelligent zero". - Contribute further to national energy security services and promote the construction of a new energy system through 'carbon power plants', transition to green energy, formation of strong alliances, additional benefits, and cooperation.

“This professional integration will not only promote central enterprises in various sectors of transmission, power generation and other industries to focus on their core responsibilities and core businesses, but also make full use of their advantages and better contribute to the national energy strategy; It will help further strengthen cooperation between central enterprises, deepen reform and innovation, and accelerate the construction of world-class enterprises." Wong Je-Ming said.

It is noteworthy that a total of 14 central enterprises signed 22 cooperation agreements at the signing ceremony for the intelligent energy cooperation and service projects of central enterprises held by the State Property Management Committee on January 6th. The solar and wind power project with a total capacity of 288 MW is a specialized integration that includes a wide range of projects in the new energy field of central enterprises in recent years. In addition, the recent professional integration of China Coal Group and SPIC in the field of coal-fired power generation projects has also attracted attention. The power capacity installed in this specialized integration will exceed 10 million kilowatts, and it is a cooperative project with relatively large assets in the domestic coal energy sector in recent years.

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