God! This is actually the secret to getting rich by restoring and expanding consumption

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With the Spring Festival approaching, many places are stepping up efforts to boo...

With the Spring Festival approaching, many places are stepping up efforts to boost consumption. Among them, the issuance of consumer vouchers and implementation of various activities to promote consumption became an important starting point.

God! This is actually the secret to getting rich by restoring and expanding consumption

For example, from January 10th to February 28th, Shenyang City organized a New Year consumer coupon issuance of 100 million yuan. Since January 11, Tianjin City has issued two consecutive phases of "Jin Tesco" consumer coupons worth RMB 115 million. Four types of consumer coupons for automobiles, home appliances, retail department stores, catering, and cultural tourism; From January 11th to February 2nd, millions of cultural tourism coupons will be issued in Panshan District, Beijing. Zhejiang contributes to the recovery of population consumption. It is estimated that more than 250 special promotion and investment promotion activities will be held in different places in the province, and more than 1.6 billion yuan of consumer coupons will be distributed...

Ministry of Commerce spokesperson Xu Jueting said at the next press conference on January 6 that the Ministry of Commerce will work with relevant regions and relevant departments to prioritize recovery and expansion of consumption, actively research and improve. Implementation of consumption development. Overall, domestic consumption demand is gradually liberalizing and overall consumption is expected to maintain a steady recovery.

In an interview with the Securities Daily, senior researcher Pu Yi-fu of Starmap Financial Research Institute said that in 2023, expansion of consumption would be a priority. Given that before and after the Lunar New Year each year is the traditional peak consumption period, people are generally ready to consume, so it is the right time to distribute coupons in many parts of the country, and the better result is to encourage consumption.

"Issuing consumer vouchers in various places has a certain effect on stimulating consumption. Not only can household burdens be reduced to some extent, but it also contributes to stimulating the consumer market and increasing economic confidence." Zhang Qiun, Administrative Committee of the China Finance Association, told the "Securities Daily" that the effect of issuing consumer vouchers is still strengthening the effect of stimulating consumption.

At the Central Economic Work Conference held in December 2022, it was suggested that the recovery and expansion of consumption should be given priority. Improve consumption ability, improve consumption conditions, and innovate consumption scenarios. Increase the income of urban and rural residents through various means and supported consumption, such as home improvement, new energy vehicles, and elderly care services.

For this reason, specific work measures have been prepared in various places recently. For example, Shaanxi Province proposed issuing "Love Consumer Coupons" at a rate of 1,500 yuan per capita for the poor. Henan Province will continue the car purchase policy until the end of March 2023. "Policies and Measures" suggests that 100 million Chinese New Year consumer coupons will be issued in the first quarter of 2023, mainly in automobiles, household appliances, supermarkets, food and other industries.

A number of political measures are also in place. For example, on January 3, the Chongqing Municipal Government Information Bureau held a press conference, and Mi Benjia, deputy director of the Chongqing Municipal Development and Reform Commission, introduced 12 policies, including measures to further strengthen fiscal support for consumption recovery and domestic expansion. I did. , document expected to be introduced in January by the end of the year.

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